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Expensive renovations for royal properties

When Windsor Castle needed the doors on its orangery to be replaced, the cost was met by British taxpayers. These were not ordinary doors however, as the bill came to £1.2 million. Doors on the castle’s East Terrace had been damaged by wood rot and were severely decayed, which prompted the replacement.


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Bespoke doors

The renovations included replacing some 20 doors, in all. The doors were apparently quite large, filled almost an entire facade, and had to made especially for the castle’s orangery, which is more than a century old. The cost was detailed in the royal accounts.

Windsor Castle is where Queen Elizabeth II often lives, when not in London. The Queen is believed to be very fond of this castle. After the Westminster terror attack, which occurred on March 22 this year, security at the castle was increased for events such as Changing of the Guard, according to this report in The Telegraph.

Extensive repairs

A number of other pricey projects have also been carried out at royal residences. These include £1.3 million spent on repairing the ceiling of the State Dining Room in Buckingham Palace. This covered intricate gilding, a new roof of lead, and repairs to the plaster, after a structural problem was discovered. Other royal ceilings also needed to be inspected, and in total, this cost another £1 million.

A flat that is part of St James’s Palace was also refurbished, which cost £500,000. This work encompassed putting in new kitchens and bathrooms, along with redecorating all the rooms. Part of the roof at Windsor Castle also needed repairs. This was done at the state entrance on the north side of the castle, and it cost £1.5 million. The work included layers of lead on the roof, drainage to deal with rainwater, upgrading stonework, and removing and replacing old pointing.


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Renovating a royal property does not come cheaply. Luckily, for those of us who do not live in a castle or a palace, making improvements to our homes need not be so costly, nor so difficult or time consuming.