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Everything You Need To Know About Bulking Up

What is bulking?

Bulking is a systematic attempt to gain muscle. If you want to add strength to that sentence then just remember one can get stronger without adding muscle, but one can’t add muscle without getting even the least bit stronger.

Bulking and cutting are two phases of bodybuilding. Cutting is removing the body fat while trying not to lose muscle, and bulking is adding muscle without adding too much fat.

The building blocks

Food comes in many forms: it can be protein, carbohydrate, fat or a combination of all three. During bulking, our first priority is to get enough macronutrients, i.e. protein, fat, and carbohydrate, into our meal plan. Another thing that can help you is Tri-trenabol. Tri-trenabol steroid results in faster and effective bulking up.

Protein foods

A bodybuilder’s first choice is chicken breast, but when bulking, as long as you cook with the skin off, any part of the fowl will do. Same holds for turkey meat. Pork is not a bodybuilding meal despite one’s love for a bacon sandwich. There are more exotic meats that are high in protein and low in fat, like ostrich and buffalo. Shellfish is high in fat per unit protein, so it’s not a staple. Salmon, cod, sea bass, red snapper and herring are some great choices though.


Brown rice is preferable for bulking up. Basmati rice is the next best, though it lacks the fiber of the brown variety. Among pasta of whole-wheat varieties, fresh egg pasta is best, and plain old dried is some way behind that, but a much better choice than plain white rice. Sweet potatoes rule among bodybuilders. Always eat the skin in case of these food products, and that counts double for white potatoes. Finally, cold potatoes are less digestible than hot ones, so if you want energy, eat them hot.

Fruit and Vegetables

Mix them up and eat them frequently. As a bulking bodybuilder it is impossible to overdo these two. But make sure you don’t fill up on these until your protein and carbohydrate requirements have been met.


For bodybuilders, most dietary fat is from their protein sources. However,  the condiments and sauces should not be shut out. Food should always be enjoyable. Sensible sauces and marinades make good food great. With these make sure to avoid things high in sugar, trans and saturated fats; make them yourself if possible; and read the label carefully when buying.

This method of bulking is both simple and effective in maximizing workout gains.