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Effective Ways To Design A Perfect Garden With Limited Budget

Planning the outdoor living area can be quite a task. Usually, many people choose to rely on landscapers for the job, but most of the professional services are high on cost. If you are keen on designing a garden that looks expensive but doesn’t cost a bomb, here are the features you would need.

Go for hedges

Evergreen hedges are incredibly functional and add a lot of aesthetic value to a garden. You can look for hedges around the house for natural fencing or use them in the yard to section the garden space – the choice is yours. Hedges look amazing when maintained regularly, and if you don’t have the time for that, you can pretty much hire experts at low cost for seasonal cutting.Image result for Effective Ways To Design A Perfect Garden With Limited Budget

Choose for stones

Adding a little extra texture to the outdoor walls and garden can be a great way to enhance the overall look. For the paved ways and walkways, you can choose to go for natural stones like granite or sandstone, while for the exteriors of the house or around the outdoor kitchen, you can use building stones. If you don’t have the budget, you can look for Quartz Stick on Stone, which can be used like an extra layer by using adhesive. Make sure that you enquire about the costs in advance.

Add some gravel/decorative aggregate

Both decorative aggregate and gravel are easy on the pocket and can be used to add more beauty to the garden. There are endless varieties of decorative aggregates in the market, and you can play around with a lot of themes and color choices. One can also use decorative aggregate for the needs of paving, and if you have water features in the garden, adding stone chippings can had to the beauty like nothing else.

Invest in Water features

Smaller ponds and water features like fountains don’t have to be expensive at all. Check online and you will find wide range of choices, depending on the budget. Keep in mind that water features are permanent elements, so it is wise to look for something better rather than something cheaper. Also, do not miss on checking on maintenance requirements, so that the costs can be calculated accordingly.

Don’t miss flowering plants

If you have the space and energy to enjoy gardening, adding a nice range of flowering plants is a good idea, especially in winter and spring. Blooming gardens look good at any point of time, and there is a posh feeling to certain flowers. You can also choose to experiment with new plants in each season, which will shift and change the look of the entire garden, adding value to the overall appeal.

Finally, if the budget permits you, get a set of outdoor furniture. Great on style and functionality, outdoor furniture look great in any space. However, do check the amount of space available, because there is no point in cramping the yard and making it unusable with swings, tables and chairs.  Check for options now!