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Download Online Videos Embedded Via HTML5 With Elmedia Player PRO

Do u like some interesting videos on YouTube or on any other website that offer video-hosting? But it is secured in the website through HTML5 and you find it hard to download HTML5 videos on Mac? With Elmedia, you can download very fast and with ease.

HTML5 Downloader for Mac

Download Elmedia Player

The full meaning of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. It is the most common widespread markup language for creating web pages. The newest version 5 has an explicit set of requirements for video tags which allows videos to be added to a webpage with the same ease with which an image is added by web developers. Known websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others use built-in integrated packages of web browsers that allow the use of HTML5 standard. Because of this, videos can be accessed and watched without Adobe Flash Player or other plugins.

With the PRO version of Elmedia Player, HTML 5 video downloader, it is a very easy and less complicating to download HTML5 videos on Mac. Elmedia player has a built-in web browser with which you can check out videos on a website, watch and then make choice of your favorites to be downloaded. After you have downloaded them, you can now watch on your Elmedia player.

How to download HTML5 Video on Mac

  • You must first have Elmedia player downloaded and installed.
  • Elmedia player can be downloaded on this page, install easily by dragging its APP file to your Applications storage folders. You can now launch your Elmedia YouTube downloader for Mac.
  • After you have bought a license code for Elmedia Player Pro you placed on order, use the “Activate Pro version” button and enter the code for activation. Then click OK. Automatically, the Pro version of the player will be actuated immediately. You don’t need to reboot your system or restart the application.
  • we suggest that Elmedia Player is defaulted with your regular web browser, to have a quicker access to the feature” Download online movies”. After you have integrated the player into your browser, you can access the webpage with the video you want to download in your browser and click “Open in Elmedia Player” button to start downloading the video.
  • Choose the format you want to download- MP4 or any other. After you have determined the video you want to download, add it to your Elmedia player. You can do that by entering the link manually or through integrated plugins. Download lists will be filled with the useful resources seen at the URL you had entered. Choose your preferences and save them to your gadget.
  • Click your “Download” button and the file will be downloaded by your Elmedia Player. The video will be saved to the default folder or your preferred directory which you chose in ” Path for Downloads” option. This video will appear in your library.

You can also get these unique extra features with the PRO version of your Elmedia Player, HTML 5 video downloader.

  • Save YouTube videos
  • Save images via Screenshots
  • Make online video saves
  • Extract audio files
  • Access Airplay etc