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Don’t follow the Divide Rule policy while sharing your room in Delhi

Whether you have secured admission at a premium college in Delhi or have landed that coveted job in the capital city, sharing a room proves to be a viable option for most. This allows you to save a lot of money and provides company while living in a strange city. However, living with a roommate as a paying guest in Delhi doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the fun and comfort quotient.

Fringe benefits

Imagine sharing room costs, getting additional security for free and having someone to talk to. When you look around for a 2BHK flat on rent in Delhi, remember that sharing will have its benefits and drawbacks. It all depends upon how you work around it and take it in your stride. Sharing of chores, odd jobs around the home and the all-important sharing of rent money makes room sharing quite attractive.

If you are living with a roommate in a 2bhk flat on rent in Delhi, focus on sharing the available space than dividing it into two separate zones. This way you can not only enjoy your own space but it will also help both roommates to use a smaller place more effectively. Those who have lived in a large joint family consisting of uncles and aunts and grandparents will under this concept. Having a room partner may eat up a bit of your space but you have an extra pair of hands to help with the cooking and the housework too.

Accept roommates as they are

Assuming you have recently moved into a Room on rent in Delhi Laxminagar with a roommate, do not expect instant bonding. Such expectations will ruin a decent relationship you could develop with each other. All you need is a person who is easy to get along, does not encroach too much on your personal space and allows you do your own thing. Don’t expect your roomie to become your best friend overnight.

If you cling on to your way of doing things and insist that others follow it too, you could have a mini-war being waged every day. Accept that your room partner is an individual and is bound to have his own habits (a few could be better than yours). Do more than your share and earn some brownie points for yourself. Doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or cooking for all are things that could inspire your roomie to return the favour.

Expect the unexpected

While engaging with roommates, use the direct approach if you want to broach a touchy subject. Is there a roomie who leaves a mess behind in every room that he/she spends time in? Do you want help with cooking or with cleaning around the home? Ask directly and you will avoid a lot of heartburn and lay the ground rules early. Rely on modern agencies like Nestaway who offer handpicked homes while looking for room for rent in Delhi for yourself. Imagine renting a home where there are no broker issues or quirky landlords to please.