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DIY: Create Your Own Adorable Indoor Herb and Vegetable Garden

When the grounds are still frozen outside and the weather is still chilly, homegrown herbs or vegetables can seem like an unheard-of delicacy. Yet, you can grow many herbs and vegetables indoors, even before spring arrives in its full glory. So, there’s no need to go without your favourite homegrown vegetables and herbs no matter what time of year it is!

Then, once the winds of winter have passed, you can hire a gardener in Richmond to tend to your outdoor vegetable garden!


If you enjoy sauces and dishes that have a bit of a kick to them then chilies are a great little veggie to grow on your windowsill. The best part is many chilies come in miniature sizes so you don’t need a large pot. They can fit quite snugly on your windowsill.


Like chilies, many tomatoes also come in petite sizes which will fit on a windowsill. Tomato varieties like grape and cherry are some of the best options for a windowsill garden.

Once your tomatoes are all grown then you can add them to either a fresh sauce or a delicious salad. There’s nothing like a fresh garden salad when the storms are blowing outside after all.


Mint is one of the versatile herbs that works well in a variety of dishes. It will add an undeniable burst of freshness to any meal. Plus, you can use your fresh mint to make yourself a mojito. With a mojito made from fresh mint in your hand, you will feel like you are relaxing on a beach in the summer even if the snow is falling outdoors.


Mint isn’t the only herb you can grow on your windowsill either. Plenty of herbs will grow well on a windowsill which gets sunlight or partial sunlight. Sage, rosemary, marjoram, basil and bay leaves are all herbs which will do exceptionally well indoors.

Supplies You Need for Your DIY Windowsill Garden

  • Potting soil
  • Cute pot for your windowsill
  • Seeds

Growing a windowsill garden is really quite simple. The only supplies you need to grow your adorable garden are potting soil, a cute pot which will fit on your windowsill and some seeds.

DIY Tip: If you don’t have the patience to grow your veggies and herbs from seeds you can purchase a seedling or baby plant from many home and garden stores. Not sure whether you will have the time to tend these seedlings? Then you may want to consider gardening services as a top alternative!

Once you have all of your supplies you next step is to fill up your pot with the potting soil and add the seeds. Then just follow the directions for watering and sunlight!

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