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Differences between dating – before and now


               If we compare how relationships were years ago and how they are today, nobody can deny that there are great differences. If we ask our grandmothers or our mothers how things were in the past when they went out to a date each of them will tell us a different kind of story. They agree on something and that is that the biggest difference is strictness. My grandmother said that in her time she didn’t had the opportunity to choose the one she got married. Is not she didn’t liked my grandpa, she did but she didn’t had the chance to get to know other people. They met through theirs parents that were friends. They always talked about how when their children will grow up they will marry each other. And eventually that happened. And it wasn’t like today’s weddings with so many things, and so many guests. It was more of a family thing. She agrees that some things are nicer today, but regarding the freedom that we have she is happy that she caught another times. I like asking grandma and mom stories from their time, from when they met their husbands and how things were made long time ago. Passing generation by generation things really changed a lot. My mother met my father in high school and she dated him for two months until they got married. I was really surprised, because for me this is a really small amount of time. She explained me that then you couldn’t talk with your parents like we do today. If she needed a dating tips she couldn’t go and ask her mother to gave her one. She could choose who to marry with but she didn’t stayed like we do today, for years and years and if we don’t like something we can just end it and start over again. In many ways she said that she likes how things changed over the years, that we have more options, but also she believes that we have to many.


            The truth is that sometimes even I think that we have to much freedom of choice. We have so much independence, as much as some of us don’t know how to manage it. We also have so many places from where to choose when it comes to dating. We can go out in so many places to get to know people, we have the internet where we can choose from the best online dating sites and many and many other opportunities. Now we can date whoever we want, we can have relationships for years before we get married and we have the opportunity to get to know the other better before choosing to spend an entire life with him. Sometimes it can be a lost of time, but sometime the first choice can turn out to be the best one.

            Times are changing and with them people do, also. Mentalities are different, habits are changing, but what every person does and the decisions we make for our future are entirely our choice. We are the only ones who can choose how to behave.