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Dianabol Fast Acting Formula Allows Massive Body Size And Strength

Getting a solid hard body with intense workout several times a day with little results can be frustrating. To get quick and massive body size using steroid is preferred. It is necessary to choose the right kind of steroid.

Dianabol or D’bol is an oral steroid used in sports field. Amazing results are noticed in muscle gain, strength, motivation, and self-confidence. D’bol is regarded as the most potent formula available in steroid grouping.

Origin of Dianabol

Methandrostenolone is the chemical name for Dianabol, a brand developed by Dr John Ziegler for US Olympic team to gain competitive advantage against the Soviet athletes, who were using injectable testosterone.


Dianabol was very effective and powerful anabolic steroids that got formulated and still persists to maintain its effectiveness five decades later. Let’s understand why D’bol is still preferred as performance enhancer in sports field.

Reasons for D’bols alteration

Dianabol is a 17 AA anabolic steroid. It means certain chemical changes have been made to its molecular structure, so users can take it orally. It can survive liver metabolism and reach your bloodstream.

Without this change D’bol would have been significantly denatured by liver and very little would reach the bloodstream making it totally useless.

However, 17AA adjustment has made D’bol hepatotoxic. It means misuse can root liver damage. However, used responsibly as recommended, liver issues can be avoided. As soon as, the use of Dianabol gets discontinues increased liver enzymes generally return to normal.

Why D’bol has become popular?

Dianabol is extremely anabolic and quite androgenic in nature, so it is well-suited to stimulate gains and strength.

Dianabol mimics steroid Methandrostenolone. A highly vibrant anabolic environment gets created enhancing nitrogen retention in the muscle. The protein synthesis gets accelerated and glycogenolysis more, so you get to experience more size and strength rapidly. However, D’bol is associated with specific side effects. With proper dosage users can eliminate this issue.

Dianabol cycle & dosages

Dianabol is generally used as bulking agent but it is possible to apply it in cutting cycles. This fast working steroid has short half-life of 5 to 6 hours, therefore good as a kick-starter. It can also be used to bust plateaus, when size gains start to slow down.


The best d-bol dosages recommended for male athletes are minimum 20 mg and maximum 50 mg. However, highly seasoned and bold users use 100 mg daily. Many users can possibly get great result at 50 mg but this depends on purity of the product.