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  Cricket fans in UK, US, Canada and Australia can watch Nidahas Trophy live on YuppTV

Nidahas Trophy Tri-Series 2018 is a cricket tournament that has been organized to celebrate the independence of Sri Lanka for seven decades in a row. The tournament is to involve three teams, which are India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It has been scheduled for the month of March 2018, to be played in Sri Lanka. It involves each team playing each other twice with only two of the teams have the chance to proceed to the final round.

Another event that could be similar to the 2018 Nidahas trophy is the 1998 Nidahas trophy that was the last Nidahas trophy to be played and was organized to celebrate Sri Lanka’s 50th anniversary since independence. The teams were Sri Lanka, India and New Zealand. The teams had the chance to play each other three times with two teams proceeding to the final round. This game was won by India at that time.

The tournament is scheduled to be played at a stadium in Colombo. The game is to begin on March 6TH and run to the 18th. India became
the eventual winners.

Although the main match was scheduled for a match, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh played on January 27. While on the other side India is currently touring South Africa till the 24th of February. The games will be played as follows:

6th March- Sri Lanka versus India

8th March- Bangladesh versus India

10th March- Sri Lanka versus Bangladesh

12th March- Sri Lanka versus India

14th March- Bangladesh versus India

16th March- Sri Lanka versus Bangladesh

18th March- The finals.

The matches are scheduled to be played at night and should start at 7 pm. The whole vision of having Nidahas Trophy can be attributed to ThilangaSumathipala, who coined the first tournament in 1998 and this 2018 tournament. This event will be important for Sri Lanka because it will provide a platform for her to intermingle with the rest of the world and show off her diversity. The second tournament not only makes a celebration of seven decades of independence, it also showcases Sri Lanka as a country, giving the world at large a chance to celebrate her. This exposure will also be greatly impactful on the country’s relations with the rest of the world and not only her neighbours. Sri Lanka will also be exposed to share in the diverse cultures that exist in the world.

Now for the Nidahas cricket fans in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, the YuppTV will provide coverage for the Nidahastrophy tri-series 2018, Live stream. It is a content provider for South Asia and the world at large. It provides live television and promises to air the tournament and make it exclusively available to Middle East, Malaysia, Europe, and North Africa plus all the above-mentioned states.