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Classic pieces for the male wardrobe

If your wardrobe is looking a little stale and you want to refresh it, or you are starting to build the foundations of your clothing collection, these classic fashion items will be the building blocks any man needs to dress well this year.


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Timeless white shirts

A white, long-sleeved shirt is an incredibly flexible investment, especially in the summer. Opt for a linen shirt and you will stay cool and look smart at the same time, which is a bonus. Even celebrity charity campaigns are supported by white shirt sales.

Versatile blazers

Another item of clothing which can walk the line between smart and casual is the blazer, allowing you to dress for formal events just as easily as for more relaxed affairs. While darker shades, such as greys and blues, may be popular, you can expand your wardrobe with blazers in lighter hues if you want to offset a specific shirt effectively.

Unbeatable chinos

You probably have plenty of pairs of jeans stacked up at home, but denim should not be the only material to adorn your legs. This is where chinos come into their own, with beige examples being consistently popular over the decades. Slim fit chinos which are cut to complement your physique may be worth picking if you want a more tailored look.


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Simple T-shirts

It may be tempting to go all-out on brands when picking a T-shirt, but the reality is that this can be an aesthetic disaster in the long run. Sensible men instead choose plain, white T-shirts which can stand the test of time and can be combined with an almost unending selection of other clothes. You can even invest in cotton fabric online from sites like https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/plain-cotton-fabric.html if you want to try your hand at making this particular piece.

Priceless polo shirts

If you are looking for a top that will never go out of style, the polo shirt has an especially enduring track record. Available in every colour under the sun and suitable for a day to night look, if the branding is on point, a polo shirt will serve you well.

Spotless shoes

Just as sportsmen made the polo shirt a fashion icon, the white shoe has become a trend that has been impossible to shake, no matter how many years pass and how many other fads come and go.