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Choosing The Ideal Floral Tapestry For Your Home

When it comes to making your home look beautiful, there are absolutely no hard and fast rules how you do it. But if you want to make your living room, bedroom or even your patio look colourful then floral tapestry is what you need. There are plenty of options available in these beautiful fabric pieces and you can use them on walls, beds, sofa, window screens, etc. But before you think about buying them, here are some of the tips to help you choose the ideal ones for your home.

Consider the theme

Tapestry wall hangings come in various colour themes, designs and patterns. You must ensure what you choose goes well with the theme of your interiors. Consider the colour of your walls, furniture, floor tiles, etc and choose a flower tapestry online that has all the colours of your existing decor. That will make your tapestry stand out and adds a perfect highlight to space where you use it.

Check the fabric

The type of fabric for your tapestry depends on where you are using it. Look for a cotton fabric with soft feel when you want to consider using it as a bed sheet or sofa cover. But if it is tapestry wall hangings that you are looking for, choose the fabric that has a texture that matches your furniture. It is good if you can take a picture of your furniture and decor while going to a tapestry store to find your match.

Size of the tapestry

While choosing a floral tapestry, always consider the size of the wall. If you want to use it as a backdrop in your bedroom or living room, use a full-size tapestry based on the measurement of the wall. The smaller version of flower tapestry or tapestry wall hangings is ideal when you are framing them on walls. It is always better to carry the measurement with you to get a custom sized tapestry that fits well in the area where you want to use it.

Choose the design carefully

Some tapestries are meant for specific purposes; like the mandala design is ideal to create a positive atmosphere of meditation and yoga. If you are a fan of music or movies then you can find tapestries in those categories as well. And such ones add more value to your hobbies. Choose a design that can depict your personality or even define the kind of person you are. You can find tapestry suitable for men, women and even kids if you want to use them in their rooms.

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