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The perils of the Portcullis

There are lots of reasons not to attack a Castle. They are specifically designed to repel people that are outside. Sometime though you don’t have a choice and needs must. If you’d asked Owain Glyndwr what his thoughts were on the matter, he’d have rolled his eyes and said, “there’s

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Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you’re looking forward to your nuptials this year, then you’ll be busy planning every tiny detail from the favours to the music to make sure everything is perfect. One of the most exciting choices is the bridal bouquet and whether you’re going to stick to tradition or try something

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A Happy Customer in Florida

As a construction site manager for a Florida-based firm, I work on a number of projects. Some involve new construction, but many others focus on restoration of historic structures or rehabilitation of buildings in transition. Oftentimes, we bring in sandblasting equipment to remove grime, graffiti, layers of paint, or other

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