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The End of “Made in China”?

In the past decade, the world has been dictated by trends of globalization and technology. Travel across the Atlantic has been made easy through the proliferation of booking websites; access to information is now instant through the internet, and multinational companies now compete on a global stage for quality goods

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The Dale Car Scam

Thanks to the 1973 oil crisis, the early part of that decade was a difficult time for car owners, leaving many looking for a low-cost, fuel-efficient alternative to get them where they needed to go. Enter the Dale. Who is Liz Carmichael? In 1974, Liz Carmichael was a single mother of five

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5 ways to make your warehouse safer

Safety is vital in a warehouse and manufacturing environment. In fact, it is the law. Image Credit According to statistics, http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causinj/handling-injuries.pdf, an estimated 909,000 working days are lost each year, due to handling injuries. The most common injuries involve ladders, falls, machinery, forklifts, electrical work, respiratory issues and hazardous materials. Here are 5

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