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Best Family and Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

Sydney houses some of the leading names in the world of law and order. There are many famous family and divorce lawyers in Sydney who are not just popular in their own country, but across the globe. They are committed to their work. With skill and experience, they have made a name for themselves in Australia and the rest of the world.

Here are the best family and divorce lawyers in Sydney:

  • Pearson Emerson Meyer

Pearson Emerson Meyer is a law firm that deals with family law. They are an expert when it comes to family related issues pertaining to marriage. They offer a helping hand to the clients who find themselves stuck in issues related to finance and relationships.

Pearson Emerson Meyer firm is a team of experienced lawyers that are adroit in the areas related to family law encompassing areas likedivorce, parenting settlement for kids, enforcement and contravention of parenting orders, relocation of children, child support, property and financial settlements, injunctions and restraining orders, prenuptial and other financial agreements, spousal maintenance for married couples, collaborative law, same sex couples, and surrogacy.

  • Armstrong Legal

Armstrong Legal is one another best family and divorce lawyers in Sydney. This large law firm comprises of several expert lawyers that have a deep knowledge and a great amount of experience in dealing with the cases pertaining to family law.

The firm specializes in financial facet of family law and so, they are the best option for cases like child or spousal maintenance or asset division.

The Armstrong Legal family comprises of more than fifty lawyers that are well-versed in family law. The lawyers are generally assigned according to the prowess they hold in their particular territory.

Strong negotiation is the key point of Armstrong Legal. They keep their clients well-updated and well-informed.

  • Doolan Wagner

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers are well-known family and divorce lawyers in Sydney. The team comprises embodies many proficient lawyers that have a good knowledge in family and divorce law.

They offer best legal advice to their clients and help them cope with the bad times. They establish a good rapport with their clients and make sure to offer them the best solution to their family issue.  They are totally devoted to their work.

Their services encompassseparation, divorce, collaborative law, finances and property, family violence, mediation and family dispute, and others.

  • Unified Lawyers

The small team of lawyers has the perfect solution for every legal matter related to family issues. The skilled team is knowledgeable and experienced to deal with any sort of legal issues.

The firm has already worked for some of the reputed names in Australia. They have worked satisfactorily for some of the leading clients. Their legal services include family law, conveyancing, insurance law, debt recovery, building and construction, wills and estates, immigration law, etc.

The lawyers offer accurate advice to the clients and offer the best results.

These are some of the best family and divorce lawyers in Sydney.