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Beauty of cotton sarees lies in their simplicity

Cotton sarees are acclaimed among women across the globe. These originated in both North and South India. They are the most favoured sarees among the women due to their light weight and comfort. Different states of India have their various honorable cotton weaving practices. Simplicity is the main reason why people wear cotton sarees. They not only look stunning when worn, but also provide a soothing comfort. Nowadays, the cotton sarees are not only worn in summers, they are worn in winters too as they dry up very quickly as compared to other fabrics. Their low price is an addition to their credibility. There is also a wide range of designer sarees available in cotton fabric, which enhances the beauty of women of all age groups and skin colors.

The cotton sarees are available in wide varieties. The most famous of them are:

  • Tant sarees: They are traditional Bengali sarees and are popularly known for their crisp texture. These sarees are absolutely light in weight and are manufactured by the West Bengal and Bangladeshi weavers. Their price range starts from INR 300. The comfortable fabric and the affordable price range makes these sarees a perfect daily wear for Indian women.
  • Khadi sarees: Khadi sarees are latest in trend nowadays. It is our national heritage weave. It is hand spun and hand woven. They are very popular among women for their weaving patterns and texture. These sarees appeal for their creative prints of batik, blocks and gold embellishing them. One looks absolutely classy and elegant wearing these sarees.
  • Kotki sarees: Kotki is manufactured in Odisha. These are designer sarees and are normally distinguished by their temple borders. They are very common among the Bengali women and are great for daytime wear.
  • Dhakai sarees: Dhakai saree is a must in your wardrobe. It has its origin from Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are the most expensive of all the cotton sarees and are available in a wide range of colors and designs. This striking weave is desired by every woman across the world because of its elegance and alluring finish. Their range varies between INR 1100/- to INR 2500/-, where each saree is a rare masterpiece.
  • Pochampally sarees: Pochampally or ikat saree is unique with bright, bold, big and colorful patterns, which declare the tradition of South India. The most outstanding feature of this fabric is that it is identical on both the sides.
  • Chanderi sarees: These sarees are from the central parts of India. There is a wide variety of Chanderi designer sarees in India. Their semi-transparent texture is one of their distinctive features. They are very lightweight and drape well around a woman, giving her a gorgeous and classy look.