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Bad Posture In Young Children

Many children develop bad posture and movement patterns right under the watchful care of their parents and teachers. Bad posture can start at any age depending on the corresponding reflexes that your child adopts as he or she tries to maintain muscle tone that leads to poor posture. It is due to conditioned and unconditioned reflexes. The conditioned reflexes are influenced by external environmental factors surrounding your child, and body postures differ from one child to another depending on these environmental factors.

Although bad posture is a clinical manifestation of your child’s deviation from good practices, there are ways to improve posture. Bad habits are caused by either internal or external factors. Some of the internal factors that contribute to bad posture are the general health of your kiddie, sensory function like hearing, the state of the bone structure, muscles and skin. The external factors include bad work furniture like school desks, poorly fitting clothes or shoes, and an unsuitable bed or mattress.

To improve the posture you need to eliminate all the external factors surrounding your child’s day to day activities.

Back Pain

Several factors can lead to back pain, but poor posture is the most significant. If your youngster starts slouching at a tender age, it is likely to lead to a permanent back pain problem. However, it is easier to implement back pain solutions caused by bad posture in young children compared to older ones, so nip the problem in the bud and start early.

You can teach your child to follow simple back pain solutions:

  • As a parent, teach your little one good posture so that he or she can learn to balance the body during various activities, standing or while sitting.
  • Ensure that your child has a proper desk chair, both at school and at home so that the back muscles will not be burdened with extra body load and become tired.
  • Make sure that he or she has a good bed to sleep in. The bed should have a good, firm and comfortable mattress to support the back muscles.
  • Whenever your kiddies complain of back pain, let them rest.

Posture Correction

Good position plays a significant role in the regular and symmetrical development of your child’s entire body. It also helps in normal functioning of the internal organs.

Your child can help to correct his or her posture through activities. You can also ensure your little one is able to master the new conditioned reflex to maintain the corrected posture. While your child is learning this, make sure he or she does not carry heavy loads that could cause fast muscle fatigue.

This way of improving posture results in complete restoration of normal body posture within a short period.

Improved Posture

You can guide your child to improve bad habits in the following methods:

  • Remind your child to always take a relaxed upright body posture with the shoulders pulled slightly backwards and the chin held straight while seated or standing.
  • Encourage different exercises especially those that can help the dorsal muscles. Short exercises of 10 to 15 minutes, three times a day can be of great help to improve posture.

Chiropractic Care

As a parent, I know you want the very best for your young one’s health, safety and happiness. For bad posture, your child stands to benefit in many ways by seeing a chiropractor.

You should note that the chiropractic treatment for children is different to that given to adults therefore if you must seek this kind of therapy, find a chiropractor that specialises in treating young children.

If you realise that your child has a posture problem, take him or her to the chiropractor at an early age to help to diagnose the problem and to alleviate it at its early stages.

Your young one might be suffering from an unknown source of pain, and might not be able to explain it to you. Some of the symptoms that you should be on the lookout for are constant complaints of headaches, stomach pain and frequent colds. The chiropractor can give your kiddie different body exercises that can help relieve the pain and improve posture.

Unsure if your little one is suffering in silence? Reach out to us for a consultation with your child today.

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