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Sculpture in Schools

Sculpture is an art form that takes a solid material and transforms it into a different shape or form. Some of the finest examples in history were created by Michelangelo and Donatello during the Italian Renaissance. It is not stuck in the history books though and is enjoying a resurgence

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Netflix to collaborate with F1

Netflix has been invited to collaborate with F1 by producing a documentary series on the world championships. It will be released in 2019, with both Netflix and F1 enthusiasts excited about the series. Image Credit The series Viewers will have the chance to get close to F1’s biggest stars by being immersed in

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The perils of the Portcullis

There are lots of reasons not to attack a Castle. They are specifically designed to repel people that are outside. Sometime though you don’t have a choice and needs must. If you’d asked Owain Glyndwr what his thoughts were on the matter, he’d have rolled his eyes and said, “there’s

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