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Adding Lean Muscles in Females Rapidly with Winstrol

It is not always necessary that anabolic androgenic steroid gains can only be due to higher dosage. Well, you can certainly have more risk by taking higher doses and hence before trying any steroids, it is necessary that you do through research about it so that you can draw maximum benefits out of it.

Winstrol which is a well-known steroid is certainly quite useful for body builders and sportsmen or sports women. However, you can see the real gain under following conditions.

– Not only you must follow regular exercise routine, but also you must take well balanced and nutritious foods as well.

-There must be enough quantity of protein present in your diet

-Your exercise routine must be appropriate for sports that you are engaged in.

Gains from Winstrol

Are you interested to get good body muscle? In that case, you don’t focus your mind on increasing the muscle mass rather your effort should be to develop lean muscle i.e. good muscle with lean body. Most of the people use Winstrol during cutting cycle therefore it helps more to help you gain strength rather than huge body.

That is the reason female body builders can really get very good body shape by using Winstrol in proper manner. Many other steroids help gain weight due to water retention, which does not produce enough strength in the body.

While you are using Winstrol during cutting cycle, you must maintain your balanced nutritious diet as well.

Women are particularly a tendency to be more sensitive to steroids as compared to men and also more susceptible to various side effects and they should be extremely careful about their dosage intake.

What is winstrol?

Winstrol is basically a male hormone called testosterone, which is naturally produced in their testicle. Therefore, the benefit obtained due to this hormone will depend upon individual’s present age, genetics, metabolism, body composition and ratio of their height and weight. Therefore, you cannot expect every man will get equal amount of gain from Winstrol.

What about dosage?

Dosage may vary from person to person and therefore every individual has to determine the right dosage by trial and error method. For men, dosage should be anything between 40 mg to 60 mg per day. Women should take anything between 10 mg to 15 mg per day. In very rare cases women may exceed this limit.

Women should be particularly careful about developing certain male characteristics like facial hair growth, deeper voice and smaller breast etc. The other side effects might include irregular periods, enlarged clitoris etc.