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A Happy Customer in Florida

As a construction site manager for a Florida-based firm, I work on a number of projects. Some involve new construction, but many others focus on restoration of historic structures or rehabilitation of buildings in transition. Oftentimes, we bring in sandblasting equipment to remove grime, graffiti, layers of paint, or other debris. When crews arrive to do this dirty and important work, they’re wearing sandblast cabinet gloves from Big A’s Place.

Why do we choose sandblasting gloves from Big A’s Place? The answer is quite simple. The work environment down here is unforgiving. Never a snow day, but summers are unrelenting, and thunderstorms appear out of nowhere much of the year. Whether inside an un-air-conditioned space or outdoors in the direct sunlight, the crews we have appreciate that Big A’s sandblast cabinet gloves offer a comfortable fit, are durable, and last for a long time. They maintain their traction when the heats upon us or if it’s damp and muggy outside. 

We also have many crew members who rotate to different projects and job sites. Some of our workers are smaller and agile, while others have large arms, so knowing that we can get gloves in a variety of sizes is something we appreciate.  The neoprene gloves allow for great flexibility and movement, things that are important at job sites where workers continually have to redirect the sandblasters in different directions. The cotton lining helps to reduce sweating and maintain traction, while the length of the sleeves prevents any sand or other media that ricochets back from hurting the crew members.

Our company first learned about Big A’s in 2011, a couple of years after they went online. Before that, workers often wore latex gloves that offered less protection and never lasted as long on construction projects. This became a big issue with workers who sandblasted while standing in close quarters or tight spaces, such as within a swimming pool under restoration, where the media often rebounded from the surface. We first tried Big A’s gloves in 2011 and were very impressed from the beginning. During the last few years, we have looked to this firm as an important place to contact when we anticipate big projects ahead.

Beyond the gloves, we’ve used Big A’s for other equipment needs when our projects require sandblasting. Whether gloves, nozzles, sandblasting gloves, or other equipment, we have never been disappointed when we have purchased from Big A’s. Although they are more than a thousand miles away from us in Florida, they ship materials out quickly and we have never had a problem with a delivery. As someone who takes pride in our industry, I’m happy to share our experience with you and encourage you to consider Big A’s, too.