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A Guide to Hillsborough

Hillsborough is Sheffield Wednesday’s stunning football ground. This stadium has a lot of character and is a famous ground in the UK. There are 4 individual stands in this ground. On one of the sides is the North Stand which has one single tier. Established in 1961, this stand is special in architectural terms, as it is the largest cantilevered stand ever made in the UK.


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Moving around the ground, the South Stand has 2 tiers and this is largest stand in the stadium. This was originally opened in 1914, and was designed by Archibald Leitch, a famous football ground architect. The South Stand had a second tier added and a new roof made in 1996, which extended the stadium in time for hosting matches during the European Championships.

The South Stand

The South Stand’s new section has a gable in a triangular shape, which also incorporates a clock with a copper football statue on the roof. There is also a row of executive boxes at the back of the lower tier of this stand, while the dugouts and the Director’s Box are also situated on this side of the stadium.

The South Stand is where the players run out from the tunnel at the start of the match, sporting the distinctive blue and white home strip beloved by Wednesday’s fans. Anyone looking to recreate a bit of Sheffield Wednesday magic at home can source quality football kit and accessories from online football kit suppliers, such as https://www.kitking.co.uk/.


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The Spion Kop

The ends of the Hillsborough stadium feature the smallest stands. At one end is a stand called the Spion Kop, which was at one time the largest terrace in Britain. This stand had a roof added to it in 1986, while the terrace was removed and seating added throughout in 1993. At the other end of the ground is the Leppings Lane End, also called the West Stand. This stand has two tiers and was opened in 1966 to coincide with World Cup, allowing the stadium to host some of the games at this event.

One corner of the stadium has open-air seating between the North and the West stands. On the opposite side of the West Stand, you will find a scoreboard, while beneath this is the Police Control Box.