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8 Foods That Birmingham Is Renowned For

Birmingham has a reputation for being a little slice of heaven for foodies. To give you a taste of what to expect, we’ve rounded up eight of the most famous foods found here.


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Pikelets are often compared to crumpets, but they are not the same despite the name being used for both! Pikelets are thinner and yeast-free, so they are far flatter than crumpets, and they are made simply by pouring batter into the pan rather than into a ring.


As famous as the Birmingham Carnival, balti is a type of curry cooked and served in a steel bowl and often accompanied by naan bread. It’s spicy and quite rich and very aromatic.

Brummie Bacon Cakes

A really simple and delicious treat, Brummie bacon cakes are savoury scones with crispy bacon and cheese. Often made with ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to give them a bit of tanginess, these cakes are often served for breakfast but are equally delicious at any time.


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Birmingham Soup

If you’re staying in serviced apartments in Birmingham, such as those available at http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk/, the chances are you’ll nip out for a bite to eat and come across this famous soup. Originating in the18th century, when there was a food shortage, this stewed beef and vegetable soup is still staple fare.


No, this isn’t the shearings of young sheep. Instead it’s the rather strangely named drink that can pack a real punch. A sweet and spicy punch made with baked apples, lambswool was originally made with ale not cider, but today cider is used and baked apple, nutmeg and ginger give it a zing.


Mild is not a traditional ale and it’s not an IPA, it’s a distinctive low-gravity, dark beer that is beloved in Birmingham. From roasty warming milds to lighter fruity milds, there’s a mild for every taste and preference.


The oldest known dish in England, frumenty is a meal of porridge made with boiled wheat, sugar, milk, almonds, plums and currants. It is still considered the ultimate comfort food centuries later.

Pease Pudding

Frumenty’s savoury cousin, Pease pudding is made with peas boiled with bacon, salt and spices. Also referred to as peas porridge or peas soup, this warming dish is a favourite of many a Birmingham local.