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7 Indications That You Need The Help Of A Podiatrist

Since your feet lie at certain distance from your eyes, you rarely think about them. Most people forget how important these parts of the body are until they’re wounded or they began to experience walking difficulty due to some problems.

There are foot problems which are undoubtedly curable with home remedies but, in some cases, you really need to seek professional help. Don’t hesitate to visit Orthotic Solutions Podiatry in Maroubra for more information.

It’s every podiatrist’s nightmare seeing patients knocking on their door, seeking for assistance for a very complicated foot problem, knowing that they waited for a long time before deciding to consult a professional help.

When Is The Time To Visit A Podiatrist?

If you begin to feel these signs, don’t waste any minute and schedule an appointment with a podiatrist.

  1. Your wounds don’t heal. If a sore or wound in your feet or ankle have been there for quite a long time now, have it checked immediately by a podiatrist. The longer it stays there, the more you become prone to skin and bone infection.
  2. There’s numbness and burning sensation. These are symptoms of neuropathy, a condition that lowers sensation in the feet. If you are experiencing these and some tingling feeling in your lower leg, set an appointment with a podiatrist right away. If not given proper care, it can develop to foot ulcer.
  3. You experience joint problems. If one of your foot is flattered as compared to the other, you may be experiencing rupture or tendon dysfunction. Don’t take too long to seek treatment for it can lead to joint damage and arthritis.
  4. A bump or lump is growing and it keeps on hurting. These are indications of cyst and tumor which are rare but possible so be extra careful about these symptoms. You may need to consult a podiatrist as early as your first notice of the lump.
  5. Your foot has a different color. Foot discoloration is also a major problem which needs a professional check. Purple or blue color is caused by vein problems, redness is a sign of infection and gout while paleness is a sign of low blood flow. Podiatrists can give specific treatment and recommendation to ease this issue.

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  1. You experience swelling and pain while doing activities.

This is an indication of tendonitis and broken bone. If it keeps on hurting whenever you do activities, you might be experiencing stress fracture. These are not treated with home remedies. You have to immediately run to a foot clinic and have it checked.

  1. You experience severe pain that last for a day or more. Consult a podiatrist right away if you feel this particularly after having a surgery. Do not attempt to treat yourself especially when you have no idea what causes the pain in the first place.

Delaying a professional check for your foot problem will leave you no good. Once you start feeling these signs, consult foot specialists Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry for better result.