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5 Things to Make Full Preparations for Video Conference

For a successful video conference, it is necessary to prepare it well. Indeed, since the participants are not necessarily in the same room, it is necessary to capture the attention of the other factors. Several factors come into play because this type of conference is different from a traditional meeting. It is therefore wise to prepare it well.


  1. The preparation

A few days before the meeting, it is useful to remind all participants of the date and time, the agenda and the means of communication to be used. Indeed, this mode of business communication requires another specific operational mode. It is necessary to inform the speakers about the timing, the order of passage of each interlocutor and the scenario.

It is also necessary that the person who organizes the video conference masters the tools that will be used well, and that all the instruments to be used work well. Finally, well master the subjects to be tackled so that on that day, everyone is comfortable and not to be stressed.

  1. Appearance

This point is very important when hositing a video conference. It should not be forgotten that the participants, even if they are not in the same room, see you. Therefore, it is necessary to have taken particular care on its clothing effects. For example, in order for the image not to be scrambled, it is necessary to avoid wearing black or striped clothing. In principle, it is necessary to have an impeccable appearance and not to carry accessories likely to distract the participants.

  1. Maintaining the attention of video conferencing

 As mentioned above, a video conference is different from a traditional meeting. We are not in the same place, so participants can be distracted by something that happens in their premises. The preparation must therefore be impeccable. To do this, we note the points to be addressed, it is necessary to capture and attract the attention of the speakers. And permanently attract their interest in what you are discussing. Do not sit or stand alongside the meeting at a distance, and do not make abrupt movements. You also have to take into account the range of the microphone and the camera to stay in the game. You have to get totally involved and do not do other things.

  1. Good video conferencing equipments for good listening

Since video conferencing requires video conferencing equipments such as the microphone, it should be ensured that there is no interference, and ensure early in the meeting that all participants hear you clearly. Prepare the room to make it as quiet as possible, to avoid noise.

In terms of speech, which is very important, we have to make sure that people can follow the speech without making too much effort. One must therefore remain intelligible in his speech, and not speak too slowly or too quickly. Well articulate, without exaggerating.

  1. Promoting interactivity

In order to keep their attention, they must be involved, it is not a question of monopolizing the meeting. Thus, the participants feel a sense of belonging to the group.