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14 Ways to Lower Your Restaurant Food Costs

When running a restaurant, it’s important to keep on top of the finances and to make sure that food waste and breakages are not eating into profits. A few checks will make sure that your accounts look healthy. Let’s look at 14 ways to help lower your restaurant food costs.


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Keep a Track of Purchases

Train more than one member of staff to check and store the orders. This will make sure there is consistency and there isn’t complacency. Keep an eye on the cash flow by neither over-ordering, which can lead to food going off, or under-ordering, which can lead to shortages of stock. Add production costs when determining the price of your menu. Some dishes which have a low food cost may actually be labour-intensive and, therefore, expensive. Don’t change all the items on your menu at once, but make gradual changes. If you increase all the prices at one time, it could put off your customers. Let staff know the correct way to prepare and portion food to avoid wastage of both produce and time.

Food for Thought

Order wisely. Some items such as olive oil, rice and sea salt can be bought in bulk to reduce costs. You can cut out the middle man and contact the fish auction or farmer to see if you can do a deal. Control portion size so that each customer gets the same amount of food and you meet food-cost targets. Encourage front-of-house staff to recommend items which need pushing because they are low-cost, high-profit dishes.


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Employee Costs

Your staff are your best asset so should be rewarded. Well-trained staff are more efficient, so sending employees on courses is a must. They are also likely to be more loyal if they are valued too. Give them job descriptions so they know exactly what is expected of them. You could introduce bonuses for staff who perform well so they carry on working to high standards. Some menial tasks can be done better and cheaper by a machine, such as a commercial glass washers or dish washers. You can compare commercial glass washers online with a company like https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/bar-supplies/commercial-warewashers/commercial-glass-washers.

Last but not least, be realistic. There is no point producing your signature dish if customers are not buying it. Adapt to your diners’ desires rather than imposing your recipes on them.